Alumni of our group, their research topics and their current positions

Tomáš Novotný – Currently out of group

Specialization: Synthesis, isolation, and characterization of new salicylamide derivatives.


Tomáš Hansl

Group volunteer.


Martin Lelek – Currently out of group

Specialization of Bc. Thesis: Specialist in the new chromophores synthesis.

Diploma work: New synthetic approach for the synthesis of PG intermediates.


Tatiana Vraňáková – Tatiana succesfuly finished her Bc. study

Specialization: Abused substances with indole moiety – synthesis and application.

Currently – Maternity leave.



Bc. Jana Romanova

Jana Romanová

For more details about Jana, please, go to her profile.




Bc. Veronika Fiedlerová

For more details about Veronika, please, go to her profile.









Ladislav Nedoma

Ladislav moved to commercial field, his work is still open…





Monika Birasová

For more details about Monika, please, go to her profile. We don´t know what is happend with her…




Ing. Ludmila Grusová Lida

For more details about Ludmila, please, go to her profile.




Mgr. Barbora Hamakova_II Mgr. Barbora Hamáková

For more details about Barbora, please, go to her profile.




Ing. Petra Syrovcová Petra Syrovcová

Specialization: Technology of Organic Specialties. Her diploma thesis is focused on the optimalization of key reaction steps in the synthesis of (2S)-2-(6-chloro-2,4-dioxo-2H-1,3-benzoxazine-3(4H)-yl)-N-phenylalkylamides.


Eliška Smutná

Currently out of group due the interruption of studies.

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